Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Ensembli As a Supplement to Google Alerts

We all struggle with information overload. As somebody who tries to keep up with a hundred or so blogs and a few dozen email newsletters, I'll admit I'm addicted to information. Of course, most of the information is redundant - or worse, not relevant to the information I need to do my work.

I'm always on the lookout for new tools to help me sift through information faster. I recently came across ensembli, a new search tool that sifts through tons of information sources - similar to how Google Alerts works - to deliver hand-picked information based on search terms.

I've been trying ensembli out for a couple of weeks now (they launched at the recent Demo event) and have been very impressed. Ensembli seems to find a lot of information I don't need - like alerts - but it's a learning system. Based on the actions I take with the items it delivers, the system adapts to find more relevant information.

I've matched some of my ensembli searches to those I have set up in Google Alerts, and have found the ensembli finds stuff Google doesn't. If you regularly monitor the Web for articles and posts, you may want to take ensembli for a spin.

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